Goods Digital Passports uses blockchain technology to instantly give you important product data, including:




For Manufacturers & Agents

Once registered, manufacturers and their authorised agents can register products quickly and easily, via a secure Application Program Interface (API) or Web portal.

An authorised goods producers/retailers can also register authorised agents to issue GDP’s on their behalf, either for new or existing products that have been authenticated by the agent.

Register your agent

Once registered,
manufacturers and their
authorised agents can
register products
quickly and easily.

Upload product(s) details

Upload the information in
bulk or upload information
individually for each item,
using the API or

Generate QR code

Each item uploaded
will automatically generate a
unique GDP with an
individual QR linked to
that item.

For Retailers

Retailers can choose to either scan an item’s QR code onto the system when it is received at a store location (helping protect the store from shrinkage), or to scan the item at point of sale. The Retailer App will record the date of sale, price of sale, and the email address of the customer. This system works whether they are selling an item online or in a shop.

In the future, the Retailer App could also be used for sending ‘restock’ request to manufacturers, making systems more efficient for everyone involved.

Register inventory
received from the

Register inventory
returned to the

Register sales
and record customer

Register thefts

For Consumers

Every time a customer makes a purchase with a GDP, the retailer will register them as the product owner.

The customer can then download a free app, to check the authentication of the product, and ensure his or her own details are accurate and up to date.

Download the mobile app

Download And Install our app
that is available on
both Google play and the
App Store.

Scan the QR code

Using the GDP mobile
app to Verify product

Verify product authenticity

The app will show you
results about your
product. Where it was
manufactured. When.
By Whom … etc.

Secure your products

Secure all your products
in your wallet. Find/Share your wallet
with your insurance company
List for sale, Or
transfer ownership.

Buy with confidence. Sell with integrity.

Best quality service for your Products.

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