Curses and Blessings - A Spiritual Reality



Curses are statements or verbal declarations of a displeased, offended or wicked/malicious mind against a person(s) or thing, which normally carry negative consequences or implications against the target, while blessings are the direct opposite of curses. Blessings are statements or declarations of pleased, satisfied, appreciative and good mind towards or in favour of a person(s) or thing which normally carry positive results or implications. The Bible is replete with instances of curses and blessings pronounced on people or things by men, angels and the Lord Himself (see Gen. 9:20:27; 1:28; 9:1-3; 27:4, 22-23, 27-29; 49:6-7, 22-26; 48:15-16,20; Judges 5:23-24; Num.22:6; Mk. 11:13-14, 20-21; Matt. 5:2-9; etc.). It is on record that the things contained in the above statements of curses and blessings came to pass either against or in favour of the people and things concerned and still do so, proving the spiritual reality of the curses and blessings pronounced.

Curses and blessings sound or appear ordinary like any other spoken words, yet they carry great negative or positive consequences; they are as real as anything is. Those who know and believe the spiritual reality of curses and blessings do not take them lightly or casually, because they (curses and blessings) can make or mar, they can ruin or build their lives, etc. Joseph knew and believed in the spiritual reality of blessings or curses so when he saw his father Jacob placing his right hand on his younger son, Ephraim and his left on the senior, curse breaker Manasseh, while pronouncing blessings, he quickly interrupted by redirecting his father’s hands, but Jacob being an old man with knowledge and knowing why he did so did not allow that (Gen. 48:14, 17-19). When God saw that Balaam who was hired by Balak king of Moab was going to curse Israel, knowing the spiritual reality of curses and blessings, He quickly sent out His angel to stop him (Num.22:22).

It is unfortunate that many in the world have fallen victim of curses of men, spirits and even God and missed the great benefits of blessings that men and God pronounced upon them, because of ignorance or lightness of mind, like Esau who through lightness of mind bartered his birthright (blessings) with a pot of Yam portage (Heb.12:16-17).

Many lives would have been spared untold agonies which they found themselves into, if people had known the spiritual reality of curses and consciously avoid or reject it. Similarly, many lives would have been marvelously enriched or favoured if people had known and believed in the spiritual reality of blessings and consciously seek and grab it the moment it is pronounced, especially by God, His servants; those they have pleased and those whose minds are good.

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