Car Washing in Cold Weather



Even the best and seasoned cold weather car washes may have difficulty washing vehicles in extremely cold weather. Although professional washes have every intention of providing an excellent wash experience, cold surfaces, snow accumulation, and moisture cause difficulties for customers that are outside the control of even the finest car wash facilities. Vehicles that visit professional facilities during freezing weather have vehicle surfaces that are so cold, the cleanings soaps and foams freeze on contact. The cleaning action is curtailed when soaps freeze thus, becoming rendering any cleaning action inoperable. With this, it is better to allow the vehicles’ exterior to warm a little prior to applying cleaning soaps. Driving into the bay slowly allows the inside temperature to warm the surface somewhat. Generally, washing works well in temperatures as low as ten to fifteen degrees. best car wash soap for foam gun However, when temperatures drop below ten degrees, the cleaning ability of the soaps and foams on the cold surfaces is greatly compromised.

Snow accumulation hinders a great wash during cold weather. Snow accumulation on hoods, roofs, and rear bumpers prevents the soaps that require soaking, such as with touchless automatic car washes, from access the dirty surface underneath. Soaps work best when applied directly to a dry surface. Soaps that sit on top of snow are prevented from accessing the true dirt and grime on the vehicle’s surface. In addition, as snow melts during the car washing experience, cleaning soaps become diluted. To prevent cleaning all that wonderful snow that’s on your vehicle, and unnecessarily diluting the cleaning concentration of the soaps, brush off all snow from the vehicle prior to entering a wash. This will greatly increase the value and quality of your wash!

Finally, remember that with the moisture inside and the cold weather outside, sometimes bay doors freeze along the bottom thus, preventing them from opening. They likely just need a little tug to release the ice to allow opening. Salt along the bottom of the doors helps keep the ice at bay. Not only can entry and exit doors prove problematic by freezing shut, but run-off water from the vehicle as it leaves the bay freezes causing extremely slippery conditions exiting. Drive carefully and allow plenty of room between your vehicle and others. Remember these tips to ensure your wash is optimized during cold weather and you have a safe experience even in icy conditions. The best car washes can still be obtained during cold weather with a little forethought.

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