10 Reasons Why You Should Consider an ITIL Certification



The IT industry is growing by leaps and bounds and is currently the largest employment sector in the world. The huge scope that IT provides is unmatchable and will give you ample employment opportunities if you have the right qualifications. IT service management is the backbone of the IT industry and needs to be maintained for delivering better IT services. There needs to be a framework to guide an organization in ITSM, and this is how ITIL helps.

What is ITIL?

ITIL is a set of guidelines that help an IT company to regulate its services to give better IT delivery. The main goal of ITIL is to improve the quality of services by allowing organizations to apply a regulated set of best practices into the services they offer. It stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library and has been recognized all around the world.

The ITIL Certification

Major IT organizations are looking for hard-working individuals possessing the proper skills to create, design, and deliver efficient IT services. Being certified is the most basic criteria for getting employed. The ITIL certification will give you valid credentials to prove yourself as an expert in IT service management. The certification is accredited by Axelos and is globally recognized.

Levels of ITIL certification

There are 4 levels of ITIL certification, and each level pertains to a specific area of IT service management. Here are the 4 levels of ITIL certification.

  • Foundation level
  • Managing Professional Level
  • Strategist Leader Level
  • Master Level

Now that you know all about ITIL certifications let’s take a look at the reasons why you should consider getting an ITIL certification.

10 Reasons for getting an ITIL Certification

Here are the 10 reasons why you should consider getting an ITIL certification

  1. Increased Salary.

An ITIL certification will boost your value and give you a higher paycheck. You will find better and attractive job opportunities that come with higher paychecks. Some of the highest paying IT jobs mention an ITIL certificate as their requirement. You can earn six figures if you complete all the certifications.

  1. Higher Skills.

Getting an ITIL certification will immensely add to your skillset. You will gain expertise in all the areas of IT service management and will be able to help your organization grow to new heights. The skills will never get outdated as they have been set according to the current trends.

  1. Global recognition.

ITIL is recognized in various countries, and you will find a high-paying job wherever you go. This factor is the reason why everyone tries to get an ITIL certification. You will be able to relocate to any part of the world and still have a secure job.

  1. Future-ready certification.

The ITIL principles have been embedded in the IT organizations and have become an inseparable part of their functions. This is a certification that will always be in demand by recruiters because of its well-structured levels and the broad areas of ITSM that it covers.

  1. Increased rate of promotions.

This is a well-known fact. IT professionals having an ITIL certification are promoted way faster than non-certified professionals. Having this certification under your belt will allow you to enjoy increments and frequent promotions.

  1. Advantage over others.

During an interview, if your employers see that you are an ITIL certified professional, they will give you more preference over other candidates. This will lead to better chances of getting recruited and will create a good first impression.

  1. It’s flexible.

The framework of ITIL is really flexible and allows you to assume plenty of roles. You can switch jobs whenever you want. The possibilities are endless with this certification, and you can become a valuable asset to your company.

  1. You’ll gain knowledge and credibility.

Challenges will become easier to face if you are trained with the principles of ITIL. It will hone your skills and increase your knowledge base to make you more credible and efficient in your job.

  1. Better chances of getting employed.

Recruiters always want the best, and this certification will help you acquire the required expertise that will improve your value and will make you a great investment for any organization.

  1. Negligible risks.

This is a low-risk certification as you can be assured that after getting it, you can get a reputed job in any IT company.

These were the 10 reasons why you should consider getting an ITIL certification. It will give your career the much-needed boost and increase your value in your organization.

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